Hercules and Advanced Web

Advanced Web Technologies for HERCULES™ FRONT OFFICE

One System, Three Solutions - Operations, Management and Marketing

At long last, a powerful campground front office reservation tool has arrived which combines the power of advanced web technologies with the convenience of managing all your reservations from a single system! Hercules, delivers on the promise to make reservation processing and management simple, convenient and efficient.

What does advanced web technologies bring to a system that has become the industry’s leading online reservation processing system? Although defined differently by many, simply put . . . new advances in technology make it possible to for web applications to provide more graphical interaction (drag and drop). When combined with real-time integration with a network of websites, hyperlinking functionality (click to drill into deeper information) and the ability to access the software anywhere, anytime, the resulting product improves efficiency, gives you a better understanding of your customer, and ultimately increases revenue.

Why is this good for your business?

Simply explained, Hercules is one system which offers three solutions for operations, marketing, and management.


New advanced web technologies grid functionality provides operators the ability to manage customer changes quickly and easily through one single grid interface. Drag and drop features, mean that reservations can be moved or even split by dragging to another space to optimize usage within the park. The system allows you to process check-ins and check-outs quickly, and easily create “anticipation extension holds” that expire automatically per your settings. Hercules also produces a hotel-type guest statement, transfers charges between guest and group folios, track all recalculations for reservation changes including who made adjustments and when, and collect notes throughout the system to document why changes or adjustments were made.

Reporting in Hercules is second to none. Each report has the ability to click on a line to drill to more detailed information and all reports are exportable to Excel with the click of a button (including the sort and filtering currently viewed).


Because Hercules is a single database system for online as well as offline booking, all distribution channels as well as the front office use the same inventory to reserve inventory. By eliminating the fear of double bookings, park operators can reduce the time taken to manage multiple channels with multiple booking systems.

One online booking engine distributed throughout the Leisure network as well as the park’s own web site means maximum exposure for your park and the consumer is able to interact with you in real-time, even when you’re sleeping!



Advanced web technologies with Hercules provides the ability for managers to sort and filter data in real-time so they can make better informed decisions. Whether it’s determining average daily rates to reviewing park occupancy, assessing revenue per guest, generating distribution channel reports, or auditing what rate adjustments are being made and by who, the manager can see at a glance how the park is performing. Looking at historical data, means your forecasts can be more accurate and adjustments made in real-time.

For multiple park properties and management companies, roll up reporting for single corporate view of total revenues, occupancy, means less time is consumed in gathering data and generating reports. With one click of a button and reports can be quickly exported to Excel for further analysis of park operations.

And finally, because Hercules is a web based application, park owners can have instant access to their system anytime, anywhere. Housed in a 7x24 data center, there is no need to worry about losing data or computer failures.

With these new features, processing at the front desk is quick and easy, reservations are collected in real-time from multiple channels, and owner/operators can monitor the daily operations and financial performance of the park from anywhere, including full view of what adjustments are being made, by who, and how much it is costing the park.

Hercules is truly the next generation of campground reservation management! A solution for every park no matter what the size!

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